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Car finance and insurance go hand in hand. To get a car financed you need to be insured first. You can find the car insurance you need just by filling in the form on the right. You will then be contacted back so you can get the insurance your car finance requires for approval.

There are thousands of South African drivers that are uninsured, leading to massive complications should a collision take place. When you apply for car finance, the folk who are lending you money for your shiny new car want to make sure that if anything happens they won't lose all the money they lent you, and if you have car insurance you won't lose any money either. If your car is a write off and you have not kept your insurance paid up, the chances are that you will no longer have a car and you will still be liable to pay for it. This is why car finance and insurance go so well together. Everybody wins, except for the person who didn't have their insurance up to date.

Is your insurance up to date? If not, you may be breaching your car finance agreement. You can use InsureDeal to get it up to date in moments. Even if you are covered, you can always try and get a better price. You are already paying so much on your car, why pay more than you have to for your insurance? Insurance for cars using the internet is quick and easy, so why not take advantage today and get yourself the insurance you need for your car finance. It's only a few clicks away.

When you have car finance then you should already have your insurance, but if you are looking to get car finance, you can find the insurance you need right here and you can compare and save on what you are already paying. Just fill in the handy form on the right hand side of this page and you will be talking to an insurance expert shortly after.

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