Burial cover

When you buy burial cover, exactly what will be paid for will be set out in your funeral cover. This is a legally binding agreement between yourself and your insurance provider. It will set out what you have to pay each month and what they will then pay in the event of the insured person dying.

You can get burial cover that pays up to R 25 000 cash just by filling in the form on your right. This will be paid out within 24 hours of you submitting all the relevant documentation and the claim then being validated. This will provide a cash lump sum that will be needed in the week after your death, to arrange and pay for your funeral burial, with funeral services costing many thousands of Rand, this will be incredibly useful to your family while they are still in shock from your passing. The last thing that they will want is the extra aggravation of not being able to see you off in a dignified manner or having to go deeply into debt in order to do so.

The internet provides a mechanism for you to change your burial cover online, anytime, with your own secure login. Meaning you don't have to worry about your data, or waste time if your circumstances change and you want to amend your burial cover. You can change the beneficiary details, who pays for the burial cover and the amount of burial cover that you are taking. You can view your funeral policy at any time, allowing you complete peace of mind, and control over your own affairs without having to pay any extra to expensive middlemen or brokers.

You can get burial cover in minutes, don't delay, fill in the form on this page and get burial cover today. After you fill in the form you will get an instant response with a quote, if you like it, you can buy it there and then.

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